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Is Komodo dragon mammal or reptile?

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Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), the largest lizard species in existence. The dragon is a monitor lizard of the monitor lizard family. Scientists have studied the aerobic and anaerobic oral bacteriology of 16 captured Komodo dragons, 2-17 years old in adults and 7-10 days old in freshly hatched turtles. Saliva and gingival samples were cultured for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The oral flora of the Komodo dragon was composed of 39 aerobic bacteria and 21 anaerobic bacteria. This is a Komodo dragon, which is deeply stabbed in the thighs of mammals before the buffalo reacts. Buffalo shakes off the attacker and escapes, but collapses 36 hours later and his body is destroyed by septic bacteria brought in by the perpetrators of the lizard. Patience dragons will win prizes within an hour. Komodo dragons have loosely articulated jaws and an expandable stomach for large meals. Komodo dragon is the world's largest poisonous lizard and the world's largest poisonous terrestrial animal! When a human is bitten, this poison can cause rapid swelling, a local decrease in blood clotting, and possibly several hours of shooting pain.

The Komodo dragon is a known species of the largest monitor lizard in the world. These reptiles are native to the island of Komodo in Southeast Asia and were discovered in 1912. Before it was discovered, it was once called "Land Crocodile" in its own language. What is


Komodo dragons are monitors, mostly tropical lizards, like various dragons. Monitor lizards have a heavy body, a long head and neck, a long tail that comes to the whip-like end, and strong legs with sharp claws. Its thin, bifurcated tongue sticks out.

Are Komodo dragons aerobic or anaerobic?

In terms of metabolism, they, unlike other reptiles, most reptiles lack much in terms of aerobic capacity, but researchers discovered when sequencing the animal's genome. Komodo dragons are an exception, thanks to their genetic adaptation.

How did the Komodo dragon kill the buffalo?

Giant reptiles (mature human size) break through shrub forests without warning. This is a Komodo dragon, which is deeply stabbed in the thighs of mammals before the buffalo reacts.

Is the Komodo dragon the most toxic lizard?

But the truth was discovered by Bryan Fry, a poison researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He discovered that the Komodo dragon is certainly one of the few scaled reptiles on the planet.

Reasons to make Komodo dragons reptiles

Komodo dragons up to 10 feet long and weighing over 300 pounds are the heaviest lizards on the planet. They have long, flat heads, round noses, scaly skin, bent legs, and a huge, muscular tail.

Are dragons reptiles?

Hello; In modern times, yes, dragons are classified as part of a family of reptiles because of their scaly skin, cold-blooded and air-breathing creatures that laid eggs containing their offspring. In the olden days, dragons were always called snakes. The word reptile was not coined until further science progressed.

Are lizards mammals or reptiles?

Reptiles are special skin-covered air-breathing vertebrates composed of scales, bone plates, or a combination of both. Includes crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, turtles and more.

Which family does the Komodo dragon belong to?

Варановые Комодский варан / Семейство

Is Komodo dragon mammal or reptile?

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What family is the Komodo dragon in?

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