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Is rainwater safe to drink from the sky?

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Therefore, it is possible to drink untreated stormwater. This is because rainwater is pure and distilled water that evaporates from the sun. However, when rainwater falls from the sky, substances from the air and land dissolve and become rainwater. this water (groundwater) is relatively safe to drink.

Can you drink rainwater from the roof?

Roof and gutter materials for rainwater harvesting Stormwater is the cleanest water source available in nature today. As it falls from the sky, you can drink it safely anywhere in the world.

Why is rainwater not suitable for drinking?

Stormwater is the main source of drinking water, especially in the tropics of West Kalimantan. Air pollution causes stormwater to become acidic and cloudy, adding heavy metals such as Pb to the stormwater.

Can rainwater be toxic?

Rainwater can carry potentially ill bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemicals and is associated with the development of the disease. .. Roofing materials, gutters, plumbing, and storage materials can carry harmful substances such as asbestos, lead, and copper into the water.

Is it okay to drink rainwater?

Most rainwater is completely safe to drink and cleaner than most public water, but without proper decontamination processes, all water can be potentially dangerous. It is important to understand that there is sex. 2020г.

Is rainwater safe to drink from the sky?

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