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Is the food chain accurate?

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The food web is composed of many interrelated food chains, which more realistically expresses the consumption relationship in the ecosystem. Energy transfer between nutritional stages is inefficient, with normal efficiency of about 10%. This inefficiency limits the length of the food chain.

Why is the food chain accurate?

The food chain is a single set of organisms on which each plant or animal depends on the organism above or below it. .. The feeding relationships of living organisms in the real world are almost always more complex than suggested by the food chain. Therefore, the term food web is more accurate than the food chain.

Is the food chain correct?

Energy is transferred from the producer through a series of organisms, that is, from the primary consumer to the secondary consumer, and from the secondary consumer to the tertiary consumer, by the process of eating and eating. The process of doing makes up the food chain. The correct food chain is phytoplankton & gt; & gt ;. Zooplankton & gt; & gt; fish.

Is the food chain realistic?

The food chain shows a single feeding pattern. Each organism plays a single role in the ecosystem. The food chain makes it easy to visualize the nutritional stages, or how energy moves through the ecosystem. .. This is why the web is considered more realistic than a simple food chain.

How efficient is the food chain?

The proportion of ingested food converted to new biomass is food chain (or nutritional) efficiency. It is usually about 10% (range 1% to 40%), regardless of species or food source.

Is the food chain accurate?

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