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Is the rhino the second largest land mammal?

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Rhinoceros is the second largest terrestrial mammal after elephants.

Which is the second largest terrestrial mammal?

RankNameFamily1 African Bush Elephant Elephantidae 2 Asian Elephant Elephantidae 3 White Sai

Elephants, Mammoths, Mastodons (Proboscideans) African elephants, the largest living terrestrial animals.

What are the five largest terrestrial mammals on the planet?

Up to 10 terrestrial animals by weight: 1 African elephant: up to 6,900 kg. 2 Asian elephant: up to 4,600 kg.3 White rhino: up to 3,600 kg.4 Indian rhino: up to 2,132 kg.5 African elephant: Up to 2,300 kg.6 Black rhino: Up to 2,900 kg.7 Hippopotamus: Up to 2,000 kg.8 Kirin: Up to 1,395 kg World's largest animal: 21 largest animal types ✔️

Five heaviest terrestrial animals What is it?

The world's heaviest terrestrial forest elephant: 6 tons. .. Hippo: 4.5 tons. .. White rhino: 4.5 tons. .. Indian rhino: 4 tons. .. Black rhino: 2.9 tons. Javan rhino: 2.3 tons. .. Kirin: 2 tons. .. Bison: 1.8 tons. By type of heaviest animal in the world: land, air, sea ⚖️

Is the rhino the second largest land mammal?

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What are the five largest land mammals on Earth?

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