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What animal family are guinea pigs in?

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Сви́нковые — одноизсемействгрызунов. Свинковые делятся натриподсемейства: Guinea pigs, guinea pigs, hydrocoelinae. Википедия

What is closely related to guinea pigs?

Interestingly, they have nothing to do with pigs — pot berries or not. Guinea pigs, also known as cavities (pronounced KAY-vees), are a domesticated counterpart of wild guinea pigs in South America. Guinea pigs are rodents and are more closely associated with chinchillas than rats and mice.

Are guinea pigs reptiles?

In the animal world, guinea pigs are small mammals born in South America and are called cues.

Do guinea pigs belong to the pig family?

By scientific classification, guinea pigs are not part of the Suidae family. Guinea pigs are part of the Cavies family, including mara, mountain cavities, and other South American rodents. Pigs are part of the Suidae family and are ungulate mammals, including wild and domestic pigs and pigs. 2017

What animal family are guinea pigs in?

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