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What animal has the shortest gestation period?

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15 animals with a pregnancy longer than 9 months 15 horses. Mares continue to become pregnant for about 11-12 months. In other words, the gestation period is 340 to 365.14 elephants. Elephants are huge mammals – and their pregnancies are huge as well. Believe it or not, I'm a mom. 13 manatees. Manatees are large marine mammals with flippers, flat tails, and more.

What is the shortest gestation period for mammals?

Stripe-faced duck, a small carnivorous marsupial found in Australia, has the shortest gestation period of only 11 days among mammals. Females and males mature at 4 and 9 months of age, respectively. They breed from July to February. Due to the number of nipples present in the female, up to 8 Joeies are born per litter.

Which animal has a gestation period of 10 days?

10 notable gestational periods in the animal kingdom 1 elephant: 640-660 days. 2 hippo: 8 months. 3 Kirin: 14-15 months. 4 Killer Whale: 17 months. 5 Opossum: 12-13 days. 6 Gerbil: 25th. 7 Gorilla: 8.5 months. 8 black bears: 220 days. 9 Porcupine: 112 days. 10 Walrus: 15 months

What is the shortest gestation period for Possum?

Opossum (Virginia) Of all mammals, Virginia Opossum or North American Opossum has the shortest gestation period. It becomes pregnant for about 12 days after mating and gives birth to 16 to 20 babies. Opossums can keep about 1-3 liters a year. The estrous cycle is 28 days and is always in heat for 36 hours.

How pregnant are the animals?

The gestation period in the animal kingdom is diverse and attractive. Some people take time in just a few weeks to turn humans green with envy, while others last for more than a year. Here are 10 notable pregnancy times for animals around the world. lesson? Thank you for not being a pregnant elephant.

What animal has the shortest gestation period?

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