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What animals absorb water through their skin?

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Freshwater amphibians and aquatic animals do not need to be drunk. It steadily absorbs water from the skin by permeation.

Do reptiles absorb water from their skin?

Reptiles, unlike mammals, can absorb water through their skin. Therefore, to maintain hydration, they do not need to drink, they can simply take a bath.

Which animal does not drink water but absorbs it through the skin?

The answer to "Animals that don't drink water but absorb water from the NY Times, a crossword clue to the skin," is: Answer: Frog.

Do geckos absorb water from their skin?

They have permeable skin. Reptiles can be hydrated simply by soaking them in water and absorbing them through their skin. Wild reptiles bathe, but captive reptiles kept as pets require a little care and proper environment to do this.

How do monkeys drink water?

Most monkeys and apes usually rely on water sources such as lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water on land. .. The most common method is for an individual to insert their hand into a hole and hold the soaked hand in their mouth to drink, soaking and licking.

What animals absorb water through their skin?

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