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What animals live in a badger sett?

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Different species can share badger habitat. This includes wood mice, voles, rates, rabbits, weasels and even foxes. However, if a fox can share a home with a badger (and sometimes grow a turnip there), such sharing is unlikely to be a long-term arrangement.

Which animal lives in your dwelling?

Badgers live in a system of interconnected tunnels and chambers called sets. All badger clans have one major dwelling that is used for breeding and is usually relatively large.

Do foxes and badgers live together?

Well-known members They mix regularly. Foxes tend to be in different sections, but feel very safe in large badger dwellings. Foxes are quite lazy to dig the Earth, with a 99% chance to expand the rabbit barry or nick a badger abandoned by a badger.

How many badgers live in the set?

Badgers can live in a social group of 2 to 23 adults, but usually about 6 people. These protect the area around their main dwelling as territory. The territory may be as small as 30ha, but in the highlands it is over 150ha. They leave feces in a collection of shallow holes. This is collectively called the toilet.

Which wild animals live in the earth and Holt?

Badgers live on their own, foxes live on Earth, and others live in holes.

What animals live in a badger sett?

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