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What are apocrine glands on a dog?

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Apocrine glands are the main type of sweat gland in dogs, and the distribution of eccrine sweat glands is limited to footpads. Apocrine sweat gland cancer is composed of a group of rare malignant skin tumors that tend to occur in the head, neck, and limbs [1].

Where are the apocrine glands in dogs?

Skin Structure and Function Epitricile (also known as apocrine) sweat glands are found throughout the hairy skin of dogs and cats. These glands are below the sebaceous glands and open into the funnel of the capillaries of the primary hair follicles.

What does the apocrine gland do?

A type of gland found in the skin, breasts, eyelids, and ears. The apocrine glands of the breast secrete lipid droplets into the milk, and the apocrine glands of the ear help form earwax. The apocrine glands of the skin and eyelids are sweat glands.

What does the apocrine gland look like?

The secretory part of the apocrine gland is coiled, surrounded by a layer of myoepithelial cells, lined by a layer of cubic to columnar epithelial cells with a circular nucleus and a bright, acidophilic cytoplasm. It is a non-branch tube. The apocrine tube itself is morphologically indistinguishable from the eccrine tube.

Which animal has an apocrine gland?

In domestic animals such as dogs and cats, each hair follicle has an apocrine gland, but the eccrine gland is only on the sole and nose. Their apocrine glands, like humans, produce odorless, oily, opaque secretions that acquire their characteristic odor during bacterial breakdown.

What are apocrine glands on a dog?

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