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What are baby kittens called?

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What is a girl's kitten called?

In summary; all bitch can be called Molly, which is the equivalent of Tom Cat. If the cat is pregnant or has a kitten, she may be called the queen. Dam is an old term used only in the context of breeding records for purebred females.

What is a newborn kitten called?

Newborn kittens are the smallest kittens from birth to 4 weeks of age. If the mother cat is not around the kitten or is unable to care for the kitten, these babies require special 24-hour care, including feeding bottles.

What is a group of kittens?

Kitten Kindle The collective noun for a group of kittens is known as the Kindle. This is related to the verb "Kindle," which means "to give birth to a young man."

What are baby kittens called?

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