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What are regular monkeys called?

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The smallest accepted taxon, including all monkeys, is the Infraorder monkey, or Monkey. However, this also includes apes, so in the currently recognized taxa, monkeys are non-apes monkeys.

What are the types of monkeys called?

13 types of monkey Capuchin monkeys from all over the world. Capuchin monkeys belong to the New Work monkey group and belong to a subfamily called Cebinae. .. Tamarin monkey. .. gorilla. .. Proboscis monkey. .. Baboon. .. Mandrill Baboon. .. Orangutan. .. MacaqueMonkey.13 Different types of monkeys around the world-Nayturr

What are the seven classifications of monkeys?

Capuchin monkeys: All capuchin monkeys of this genus have a catchy tail. That is, the tail can grab an object. The opposite thumb is also characteristic of these animals. Their body lengths average 30-55 centimeters, which is also the average tail length of Cebus (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2012).

What are regular monkeys called?

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