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What are some fun facts about slugs?

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Slugs are hermaphroditic. In other words, slugs have both male and female organs and can fertilize their eggs. The largest slug in the United States is the banana slug. It can grow to a length of almost 1 foot! In addition to breathing through the breathing holes, slugs can absorb oxygen directly from the atmosphere.

Do slugs have four noses?

There are four slugs and they are retractable. The two are for viewing and sniffing and can be operated independently. Slugs can look (or sniff) you and your friends at the same time. The other two are for touching and tasting. 27янв. 2017

How many slug teeth do you have?

Slugs have about 27,000 teeth, more than sharks. Like sharks, slugs routinely lose and replace teeth.

What is a baby slug called?

Newborns: Newly hatched slugs are called newborns and their typical food is algae and fungi. But they can eat the nutrients of the plant. Young newborns weigh 1-10 mg.

Do slugs have eyes?

Slugs have two pairs of retractable tentacles. The pair above the tentacles is called the optical tentacles and is the eye of a slug. Optical tentacles have light-sensitive eye-spots on the edges that can be regrown if lost.

What are some fun facts about slugs?

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