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What are the different types of elephants?

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How many elephants are there?

There are three types of elephant species: African elephants, forest elephants, and Asian elephants. There is much debate about the situation of the two African elephant species, and while some studies consider them to be separate species, some studies have shown that they are the same species of elephant.

What are the main types of elephants?

There are three types of elephants: African elephants: bush, elephant, forest elephant, and Asian elephant. The forest elephant, recognized as a separate species in 2000, is smaller than the savanna elephant.

What are the two types of elephants?

There are two genetically distinct African species. Savannah elephants and forest elephants have many characteristics that distinguish them from each other. Forest elephants are the largest elephant species, while Asian elephants and forest elephants are equally small in size.

What are the different types of elephants?

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