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What are the fastest lizards?

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The Perentie Monitor Lizard (Varanus giganteous) is the fastest monitor lizard and the fastest lizard ever recorded. Perentie monitor lizards are measured at about 25mph. This is the speed of a world class sprinter. 1 day. 2017 г.

What is the fastest lizard?

The Sonora jumpsuit is the fastest lizard on the planet and has been recorded to run at speeds up to 30 mph.

Which is the fastest reptile?

AnimalMaximum Recording Speed ​​Green Iguana 35.41 km / h (22.00 mph) Leather Back Seat Turtle 35.28 km / h (21.92 mph) Costarican Thorny Tail Iguana 34.6 km / h (21.5 mph) 6 rows Race Runner 28.97 km / h (18.00 mph)

What are the fastest lizards?

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