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What are the four stages of life cycle of fish?

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The life cycle of saltwater fish consists of four developmental stages: egg (or embryo), larva (yolk sac and non-yolk sac), juvenile and adult fish. Saltwater fish eggs and larvae are called larval plankton.

How many stages are there in the fish life cycle?

There are five stages in the fish life cycle.

What is the stage of fish?

Fish Life Cycle: Egg – Stage 1 – Larva – Stage 2 – Fry – Stage 3 – Larva – Stage 4 – Adult – Stage 5 – Spawning – Stage 6 – Fish Life Cycle: Introduction, Life Cycle, FAQ -Byjus

What are the five stages of the boned fish life cycle?

Name the stages of the fish life cycle. Explain two common animal breeding strategies. Compare the breeding strategies of at least two Great Lakes fish. Progression of figures from eggs, larvae, fry, juveniles, adult fish.

What are the four stages of life cycle of fish?

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