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What are the functions of a rabbit's body?

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Rabbits are small, furry mammals with long ears, short tails, large hind legs and toughness. There are two pairs of sharp incisors (anterior teeth)

What is the function of the rabbit?

In addition to meat, rabbits are also used in wool, fur, fur, nitrogen-rich fertilizers, and high-protein milk. The production industry has developed domesticated rabbit breeds (such as the famous Angora rabbit) to efficiently meet these needs.

What is the body part of the rabbit?

List of Rabbit Body Parts Abdomen.Back.Cheeks.Chest.Claws.Dewlap.Ears.Eyes.Rabbit Anatomy: Rabbit Body Parts Name-OnlyMyEnglish

Rabbit Which body parts do you use for survival?

How do rabbits avoid predators? Sharp eyes. Like other prey animals such as the pronghorn and antelope, rabbits have eyes on both sides of their head. .. ear. Another important element of the bunny's body is the ears. .. Strong hind legs. .. Social group. .. Very sensitive. .. Freeze response. .. run away. .. I'm hiding. How do wild rabbits survive? -Nature in North America

How many parts of the rabbit's body are there?

The rabbit's body is divided into two sections, called the front quarter and the rear quarter. The front quadrant consists of the neck, shoulders, anterior armpits, and ribs. The posterior quarter consists of the posterior flank, abdomen, hips, hips, legs, and buttocks.

What are the functions of a rabbit's body?

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Why you should not get a rabbit?

What do Rabbits eat?

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