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What are the parts of an ant?

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Like all insects, the ant's body is divided into three main parts: the head, chest, and abdomen. Ants have a hard, waterproof exoskeleton made of a material called chitin.

What is the most important part of an ant?

The lower jaw is the most important tool for ants. Since ants cannot grab their forelimbs, they use their lower limbs to carry and carry things like human hands. The mandible can also be used to chew, crush, cut, dig, fight and hunt. 2009

Do ants have a heart?

They lack a proper heart, but have a pumping organ called the dorsal aorta that pumps blood toward the head, achieving a small electric current. Unlike blood, blood lymph does not carry oxygen. Therefore, ants (and all other insects) are completely lung-deficient. Instead, ants breathe through a series of tubes called the trachea.

What are ant eyes called?

Ants have compound eyes with many units called omatidia. Their eyes look like the array of LEDs found on traffic lights (except for the dome shape). Each omatidium sees one point in space, so the whole eye sees one image, but some are different.

What is the head of an ant called?

Like all insects, ants have six legs and are composed of three parts: head, chest, and abdomen. Perhaps the most important part of an ant is its head, the lower jaw. These are essentially jaw bones, but they are used to hold and carry something like our hands.

What are the parts of an ant?

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