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What are the three sections of a honey bee?

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Like all insects, bees are made up of three major segments: head, chest, and abdomen. As a member of insects (insects), honeybees share the following characteristics with other insects. The 20th. 2019г.

What are the three main parts of a bee?

Like all insects, bees are made up of three main parts: the head, chest, and abdomen. The triangular-shaped head has five eyes, a pair of antennae, and, among other organs, two lower jaws, a proboscis, and other parts of the mouth. chest. .. abdomen. .. INTERNAL ORGANS.Ch06-Fao.org

Why do bees have three body parts?

All insect-like bees have three body parts. Head, chest, abdomen. The head has sensory organs such as eyes and antennae and a mouth for collecting food. .. These three body parts are common to all insects and are actually a way to classify them as insects!

What are the different parts of a bee called?

There are three main body parts: head, chest, and abdomen. They have a pair of antennas attached to their heads. They have three pairs of legs used to walk. They have two pairs of wings. December. 2017

What are the three sections of a honey bee?

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