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What are the unique features of birds – skeletal system?

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Skeleton. Birds have a lightweight skeleton, mostly made of thin, hollow bones. The keel-shaped sternum (sternum) is where strong flying muscles attach to the body. Birds have fewer bones than mammals and reptiles.

What are the special points that allow the bones of the bird's skeleton to fly?

Hollow air-filled bones lighten the weight of the skeleton. Skeletal adaptation gives strength to the skeleton, the thrust (forward force) generated by the wings can lead to maximum lift, and the bird can propel in the air with minimal compression into the body cavity.

How are bird bones different from mammals?

Pneumatic bone. Find isolated bird bones and compare them to mammalian bones of the same size. Birds have pneumatic (air-filled) bones. Space can occupy most of the volume of bone. In mammals, bone is generally hard or filled with bone marrow. 2021

What are the unique features of birds – skeletal system?

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