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What are two other names for swine?

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Pig boar. pig. Piglet. pig. Piggy bank. poker. shoat. Sow the seeds. Synonym for pig. The top synonyms for pigs (also known as pigs) are black guard, boar, and heel.

The main breeds of pigs are Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Piétrain, Poland, Spots, and Yorkshire. The difference between these varieties is evident in the change in ear type and color.

What are the synonyms for pigs?

Pig synonyms include pig, pig, sow, boar, oinker, poker, peccaries, boar, piggy, and piglet. Find more similar words on wordhippo.com!

What are the two types of pigs?

There are two types of pigs. Meat-type pigs and beacon-type pigs. Meat-type pigs have a lot of meat called pork in their bodies. Bacon-type pigs have a lot of fat in their body called bacon.

What is the scientific name of swine flu?

H1N1 is the scientific name for swine flu. What does H1N1 mean? Influenza A virus has 16 H-subtypes and 9 N-subtypes. H and N represent different proteins on the surface of the virus.

What kind of pig is in the slaughterhouse?

Consists of sows, sows, and wild boars. Includes replacement gold plating used. Maintain a herd of pigs. Butcher Hog. Butcher pigs, also known as market pigs, weigh 220-260 pounds, are about 6 months old and are slaughtered.

What is another name for pigs?

Suidae animals. boar. Cob roller. pig. Piggy.

Is there another name for pork?

On this page you can find 32 synonyms, antonyms, formulas, and words related to pork. For example, pork, pork, meat, jaw meat, bacon, funds, hips, pigs, shoulders, pigs, sponsorship.

What are two other names for swine?

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