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What are webbed feet called?

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The medical term "with webbing" or a fusion of two or more fingers or toes is a syn-dak-tuh-lee.

What are the duck legs called?

The legs of a duck, commonly known as a waterfowl, are called palmates. This is the most common type of webbed foot. Palmates are when the three forward-facing toes are combined by webbing and the small raised back toes (toes) are separated. 25 May 2021.

Is your webbing toe an obstacle?

Most insurance plans cover part of the cost of orthodontic surgery, as webbed toes can interfere with proper development, cause disability, and cause self-esteem problems. 2018

Which animal group has webbed paws?

Webbed feet are ideal for birds swimming on or under the surface of the water. In fact, they are so nifty adaptations that they have evolved independently in several bird groups. Ducks and geese have them as well as seagulls, cormorants, loons, pelicans, penguins, puffins, and gannets. 2020г.

What are webbed feet called?

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