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What classification are ants?

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Hymenoptera are the largest and most evolutionarily developed insect eyes. This group includes more than 155,000 species of 9100 genera, including social insects. Wikipedia

What is the classification of ants?

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What are the seven classification levels of ants?

Classification Domain. Army ants are in the realm of eukaryotes because of their true cell orientation. .. .. Kingdom. It is further subdivided into the animal kingdom because of its characteristic of feeding on other organisms. .. .. gate. .. .. class. .. .. Orde. .. .. family. .. .. Genus. .. .. Species.Classification-BioWeb Home

Are ants classified as animals?

Ants are one of the most abundant animals on the planet. .. .. Ants are complex insects that live in large social groups called colonies. As an insect, ants have a hard outer body called the exoskeleton and three body parts: head, chest, and abdomen.

What kind of insects do ants belong to?

Ants, (Antaceae), or about 10,000 species of insects (Hymenoptera), are habitually social and live together in organized colonies.

What classification are ants?

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What does ant stand for?

How do you identify ant species?

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