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What do you know about turkeys?

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10 Turkish facts Only male turkeys devour. wild turkeys can fly. wild turkeys sleep on trees. they can change the color. their poop identifies their gender. Benjamin Franklin preferred turkeys to bald eagles. Turkey looks better than humans. the presidential amnesty for turkey began in 1989.

Did you know the facts about turkeys?

1) Turkeys are not just big chickens. With over 45 million years of evolution, the two species have been separated. 2) Wild turkeys were almost endangered by the early 1900s, when the population reached a minimum of about 30,000. 2012

What are the six facts about turkeys?

Here are six fun facts about turkey, from the ability to fly to the strange use of stones to break down food. Wild turkeys can fly. .. Poop distinguishes gender. .. Wild turkeys can raise trees. .. The color of the head of the male turkey changes. .. Turkeys use stones for digestion. .. Only men devour, devour! 6 interesting information about Turkey

What do you know about turkeys?

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