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What does harmony in the world mean?

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If people live in harmony with each other, they live together in peace rather than fighting or discussing. We must strive to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and those around us. Harmony is a pleasing combination of different notes played at the same time. a harmonious life means understanding this point and everyone in this world. Harmonious life means choosing to see the positive side of every situation and not focusing on the negative side, but to see the good and beautiful of everyone. increase. A harmonious life means forgiving, loving, and blessing everyone and everything.

What does harmony mean? Harmony is when you feel happy. Harmony is when people are kind to each other. Harmony is the flow of life.

What is the meaning of harmony?

Let me tell you a little more about the meaning of harmony. As with all words, it is useful to return to the roots of harmony. Harmonia is derived from the Greek Harmonia and the Latin Harmonia. Harmonia means "joint" and Harmonia means "agreement".

What is music harmony?

Harmony, musical harmony (noun) The structure of music related to the composition and progression of chords. Harmony, Concordance, Concordance (noun) A harmonious state of general things and their characteristics (color, sound, etc.). Match between parts and the whole.

What does it mean to live in harmony with all beings?

This makes it possible to understand the harmony between society and nature / existence at the level of existence. And this is how the harmony of our lives grows. We slowly acquire the ability to live in harmony with all human beings. Respect means accepting individuality and making the right assessment (just like I do).

Why is it important to explore human harmony?

By exploring human harmony, we can explore family harmony. This allows us to understand the harmony between society and the level of nature and existence. And this is how the harmony of our lives grows.

What does harmony mean as a value?

Harmony is usually identified as human value and refers to compatibility and unity of emotions, behaviors, relationships, opinions, interests, etc. This shows the state of balance between forces that influence each other and even oppose each other.

What is harmony with the example?

Harmony is defined as an agreement. Alternatively, it is defined as a combination of pleasing notes. An example of harmony is when two people live together and do not fight. An example of harmony is when two people sing a contrasting part of a duet that is in perfect harmony. noun.

What does harmony in the world mean?

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