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What does Picasso's Dove Relief mean?

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There is a Picasso sign in the center left of the picture. It depicts a girl with short ginger hair wearing a white gown tied her waist with a blue sash.

Why did Picasso draw a dove of peace?

The Picasso dove lithograph was used to describe the poster for the 1949 Paris Peace Conference. It was chosen by the poet Louis Aragon, a supporter of the French Communist Party who visited Picasso's studio. The pigeon has become a symbol of peace and world communism.

What does the pigeon represent in Guernica?

In the center of the picture, between the bull and the horse, there is a pigeon that looks like screaming. This is a symbol of the threat of peace in Europe.

What was Picasso's message?

In 1937, Picasso expressed his anger at the war with Guernica. His huge mural-sized paintings were exhibited by millions of visitors at the Paris Exposition. Since then, it has been prosecuted for the most powerful wars of the 20th century and is still strongly relevant today.

Why did Picasso draw a dove and a girl?

The presence of pigeons is especially important because it represents peace and purity. It also had personal implications for Picasso, who saw his father José Ruiz y Brasco draw a dove when he was a boy.

What does Picasso's Dove Relief mean?

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