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What does the front row of cabbage look like?

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What should cabbage look like?

Cabbage should look refreshing and fresh with few leaves. With the exception of Chinese cabbage, the leaves should be tight and not supple. Avoid damaged cabbage. However, if unavoidable, the tough outer leaves can always be peeled off and discarded.

What does the cabbage look like when it's ready?

The solid head indicates when to harvest the cabbage. If your head is firm when squeezed, the cabbage is ready for harvest. When you're ready, your head can be big or small. The size of picking cabbage depends on the variety in which the cabbage was grown and the weather conditions.

How many cabbage do you produce?

There are not only one new head, but some, usually three or four, but as many as six small heads can grow around the stub rim of the original plant. In total, the new sub-head provides the same amount of food as the original cabbage head, but with a tasty difference.

How long does it take for the cabbage head to form?

The answer to "When does cabbage make a head?" That is, it depends on the situation. Common green cabbage forms its head faster than giant savoy cabbage. You can expect to see your head in about 71 days with green cabbage. Red cabbage takes a little time, and Chinese cabbage forms a small head in just 57 days.

What does the front row of cabbage look like?

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