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What dog breed is most like a cat?

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Basically 7 dogs like 7 cats. Basenji. According to Dog Time, like a cat, Basenji is a good little hunter. of 7. Chow Chow. of 7. Greyhound. of 7. Manchester Terrier. of 7. Papillon. of 7. Shiba Inu. of 7.

Which animal most resembles a cat?

Civets look like cats with slender bodies such as otters and weasels. The African civet (Civettictis civetta) is the most common species and is the species traditionally obtained by perfume makers, but recently synthetic civetones have been used instead.

What are pets that look like cats and dogs?

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Consider these alternative pet companions: gerbils and hamsters. Hamsters and gerbils are excellent alternatives to dogs and cats. .. Guinea pig. Guinea pigs are small sociable creatures from South America. .. ferret. .. Sugar glider. .. Chinchilla and chipmunk. Furry Friends: What if you don't want a dog or cat? -CVETS

What dog breed is most like a cat?

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