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What gives structure to a sponge?

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The skeleton of the sponge is composed of a hard rod-shaped protrusion called a spicule and a protein called collagen. Sponge: As explained in Properties and Classification, the sponge class is based on the composition of the spicules. Sponge spicules made of calcium carbonate or silica are secreted by cells called sclerating cells. 11th. 2015 г.

What is the structure of the sponge's body?

The main body of the sponge is composed of a jelly-like material (mesohyl) whose main component is collagen and which is also reinforced with a dense network of fibers made of collagen. It is sandwiched between two thin layers of cells. Many also have a skeleton composed of calcium carbonate or silica spicules.

What supports the sponge?

The two substances that support spongins are spongins and spicules.

What gives the sponge a rigid structure?

Sponges are filter feeders. It pumps water into the body to extract nutrients and oxygen. .. This means that the spicules that make up the rib-like structure that gives the sponge its rigidity are an important component.

Which structure is used to hold the sponge together?

The exoskeleton of the spongin (that is, the visible part) is composed of a mixture of spongins and / or spicules. Spongin is a modified form of collagen protein that forms the "fibers" or "mortars" that hold the spicules together.

What gives structure to a sponge?

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