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What happens if a kangaroo rat drinks water?

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Can kangaroo mice drink water?

Kangaroo mice have strong hind legs and a long tail for balance. Kangaroo mice are masters of desert survival. .. Their diet consists primarily of dried seeds, but kangaroo mice require little water. Instead, they survive almost completely in the water metabolized from the eaten seeds.

Do kangaroos die when they drink water?

Kangaroo mice die when they drink water.

Can mice drink water?

Rats usually need to drink, but mice can get all the water from the food they eat. Neither requires large amounts of water, and condensation and dew may be sufficient. .. Therefore, rats and mice gnawing on anything other than food.

Why don't kangaroo mice drink water?

Meliam's kangaroo mice get enough water from the metabolic oxidation of the seeds they eat to survive and do not need to drink water at all.

What happens if a kangaroo rat drinks water?

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