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What happens if you eat a sponge?

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16th. 2018 г.・ Let's assume that you do not swallow it in its entirety. If swallowed, it may cause suffocation. But if you drop the sponge to some extent, it shouldn't be that much What is the effect of eating (swallowing) the sponge? Causes of anemia Is it okay to eat a dishwashing sponge? --Is the QuoraAre sponge edible? --Can you eat Quora sponge? --Quora Другиерезультатыссайта www.quora.com

What happens if I swallow a sponge?

Inhaling or chewing can cause mild irritation to the mouth, and swallowing can cause stomach irritation. After leaving the stomach, the sponge travels through the intestines and comes out in the stool. No serious or long-term effects are expected as it is not broken down or absorbed by the body.

Is the sponge edible?

Yes, they are quite edible and have been eaten many times in history.

Is the sponge toxic?

Sponges also produce their own toxins through normal metabolism or in cooperation with many microorganisms that live within the sponge. Whatever the source of these toxic chemicals, many have been found to be highly toxic to other organisms.

What happens if you eat a sponge?

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