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What insect has more than 10 legs?

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Millipede. Start with the longest-legged bug on the list, the millipede. Millipedes, often referred to as "thousand feet," generally have more than 30-90 pairs of feet. Illacme plenipes, one of the approximately 10,000 known species of millipedes, is the longest-legged insect in the world. 8окт. 2018 г.

Is there a bug with 10 legs?

Ten-legged animals belong only to the arthropod group, which includes crustaceans and insects. You can find most (but not all) of the 10-legged animals that live in the ocean. Crabs, red shrimp, crayfish, shrimp, and scorpions in the desert.

Which insect has the most legs?

Scientists have revealed the anatomical secret of the millipede, which has 750 legs, the longest-legged creature in the world. This species, called Illacme plenipes, was first seen 80 years ago, but was recently rediscovered in California. 2012

What is an insect with 1000 legs?

The word "millipede" means "thousand feet", but the name is a bit exaggerated.

What is an insect with 15 legs?

Scutigera coleoptrata, also known as house centipede, is a type of centipede that is usually yellowish gray and has up to 15 pairs of long legs. It originates in the Mediterranean region, spreads to other parts of the world, and can live in human homes.

What insect has more than 10 legs?

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Do shrimp got legs?

What bug has 10 legs on each side?

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