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What is a family of ants called?

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According to Jennifer Roof. Ants are classified as single-family homes and ants. They belong to the order Hymenoptera, including bees, bees, sawflies, and ichneumon wasps.

What is a group of ants?

A group of ants is called a colony. A group of aunts is called a reading club.

What is an ant baby called?

Ants are completely metamorphosed. Queen ants lay eggs. Baby ants that hatch from eggs are footless larvae, with only a soft white body and a small head that look like insects. The larvae are fed by the queen (first generation) and then by the workers.

What is the queen of ants called?

Queen ants (formally known as Gain) are adults and breed female ants in ant colonies. Usually she will be the mother of all the other ants in the colony.

What is a family of ants called?

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Are ants classified as animals?

What are the 7 levels of classification for an ant?

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