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What is a fox den called in English?

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Definition of fox burrows in the English Kobuild dictionary for learners, explanation of the meaning of fox burrows, dogs called hunting dogs are used to find foxes. n-uncount

What is the fox's nest called?

These burrows, also known as burrows, provide a cool sleeping area, a good place to store food, and a safe place to keep puppies. Burrows are excavated tunnels with rooms for foxes and their families to live in. The burrow also has several exits to allow predators to escape if they enter the burrow.

How can you tell the fox burrows in the UK?

1 Look for fox nests from winter to spring. .. 2 Focus your search near the water source. .. 3 Look at the well-drained slope. .. 4 Search for wooded areas with thick understory vegetation. .. 5 Find potential food sources. .. 6 Follow the nose to the fox's nest. How to identify a fox's nest

What is a fox slang?

A cunning and sly person. 4. Slang, mainly the United States. A sexy woman. 5.

Is the fox a word?

Nouns, plural foxes, (especially collectively) foxes.

What is a fox den called in English?

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