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What is a large group of mandrills called?

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Mandrill seems to live in a very large and stable group named "horde".

How many mandrills are there in the group?

Mandrill groups vary in size from a few to a maximum of 50 individuals. The dominant male often leaves the group, but returns as soon as there are signs of danger.

Does Mandrill live in a group?

Mandrill lives in a hierarchical harem-type society. A family group / army of 10-30 people consists of females, young men, and predominant adult men. These groups are often part of up to hundreds of larger groups called hordes. Light shades help individuals see each other in a dark and dense forest.

Do mandrills eat humans?

Herbivores. Although grasses, fruits, seeds, fungi, roots, and they are primarily herbivores, mandrills feed on insects and small vertebrates. Leopards, crowned eagles, chimpanzees, snakes, and humans.

Is Mandrill a baboon?

Mandrills, along with related drills, were previously grouped as baboons of the genus Papio. Both are currently classified in the genus Mandrill, but all belong to the Old World Monkey family, Cercopithecoides.

What is a large group of mandrills called?

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