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What is a ostrich classified as?

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Struthio is a genera of birds in the order of Struthioniformes, and its members are ostriches. It is part of the infrastructure-class Palaeognathae, a diverse group of flightless birds, also known as ratites, including emu, rare and kiwi. the ostrich is famous for being the heaviest living bird.

Are ostriches mammals?

Ostriches are one of the largest species of birds in the world. .. When writing about the ostrich, the Greek philosopher Aristotle did not know whether to classify it as a bird or a mammal. But in reality, ostriches belong to a rare group of flightless birds that are well adapted to life on earth. 2021

Are ostriches classified as birds?

Ostriches, (Struthio camelus), large flightless birds found only in open countries of Africa. The largest living bird, the adult bird, is 2.75 meters tall, almost half its height is the neck, and can weigh more than 150 kg (330 lbs). Females are a little small.

What is a ostrich classified as?

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