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What is a parcel number on a property map?

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parcel number is assigned by the local tax valuation office and is used to identify the property for tax, ownership, certificates, and site boundaries. the parcel number is used as an identifier in the local parcel map and has a unique format. 13 февр. 2018 г.

What do you mean by a section on a map?

Parcel maps, also known as property maps and tax maps, are maps created to identify property boundaries and are a popular data source in the real estate and other industries. In many cases, a parcel may contain many companies in the same parcel.

What does a parcel in an asset mean?

n. Defined real estate. It usually results from a vast land division. Sizes range from small lots to huge ranches.

How can I find the map number of the property?

The easiest way to find the map number for your property is to use the property search feature on your county auditor's website. 1 Go to your county government website. .. 2 Enter your address. .. 3 Select an address from the search results. .. 4 Find the map number in the property description How to find the map number of my property

What is a parcel number on a property map?

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