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What is a Patagonian cavy?

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Patagonian mara is a relatively large rodent of the genus Dricotis mara. Also known as Patagonia Guinea Pig, Patagonia Hair or Dilaby. This herbivore is a little rabbit-like animal that lives in open and semi-open areas Wikipedia

Patagonian guinea pig. mosquito?

The Patagonian guinea pig, also known as the Patagonian mara or Patagonian rabbit, is a large rodent found in central and southern Argentina. Patagonia guinea pigs have long legs that can reach speeds of over 20-25 mph. Use this speed to avoid predators such as foxes and carnivorous birds.

Is it legal to own a Patagonian guinea pig?

Each state is different, and if you own more than one state, you may need a game breeder license. As of 2020, only Connecticut states that it is legal to own "Patagonia Mara" in the state. Other states that are legal without a permit include Oregon, Alabama, Washington, and Texas. June 6th. 2020

Is Patagonia's guinea pig a rodent?

Mara (Dolichotis patagonum) is a relatively large rodent of the genus Mara. Also known as Patagonia's guinea pig, Patagonia's rabbit, or Dilaby. This herbivorous, somewhat rabbit-like animal is found in open and semi-open habitats in Argentina. This includes most of Patagonia.

Is Mara aggressive?

Mara inhabits central and southern Argentina. .. .. Mara is a diurnal animal made to run. They travel in mated pairs, and males actively protect their peers from rivals and predators. Monogamous Mara has a unique breeding strategy.

What is a Patagonian cavy?

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Why are guinea pigs called guinea pigs or cavies?

Is a cavy a guinea pig?

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