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What is a squirrel dray or Drey?

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Dray is a nest of tree squirrels, flying squirrels, or ringtail possums. Dray is usually made of twigs, dried leaves, grass and is usually assembled into a tall wooden fork. the preferred place for Dray is the crotch of a tree about 9-13m above the ground.

What is Drayris?

Squirrels live in nests called "dray" and are made up of balls interwoven with twigs lined with soft materials such as moss, leaves, grass and fir. Dray is usually at the fork of a branch that is in close contact with the trunk of the tree, about two-thirds above the tree.

What is Dray?

Dry or squirrel nest in British English (dreɪ). Collins English Dictionary.

What is a normal squirrel?

Eastern Gray Squirrel Subgenus: ScirusSpecies: S. carolinensisBinomial nameSciurus carolinensis Gmelin, 1788

How do I get rid of the squirrel dray?

The only approved removal method is live trapping. Once captured, the squirrel should be moved at least 4-5 miles away to prevent it from returning home. To get rid of squirrels from inside the house, install a one-way exclusion door or live cage trap (fed with seeds, crackers, or fruits).

What is a squirrel dray or Drey?

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