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What is a thorax on an ant?

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The chest, also known as the mesosome, constitutes the center of the ant's body. The chest is behind the head and in front of the abdomen. It's a powerful and muscular hub. Each of the ant's six articulated legs is attached to the chest.

Do ants have a chest?

Like all insects, the ant's body is divided into three main parts: the head, chest, and abdomen. Ants have a hard, waterproof exoskeleton made of a material called chitin.

What is the back of an ant called?

Abdomen. The third part of the body (rear) of an ant is called the abdomen and contains the digestive system and needles (Note: not all types of ants have needles). The chest and abdomen are connected by an extension of the waist-like abdomen called the petiole.

What is the outside of an ant called?

Ants, like all other insects, have three body parts. It has a head, chest, and abdomen. They also have an outer skeleton called the exoskeleton. It's like an armor coat made of durable and protective material.

What is the biggest part of an ant?

All about ANTS. The ant's body is made up of three parts. This is the back and is the largest part of the ant's body. Eyes and antennae extend from the head.

What is a thorax on an ant?

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What are ant body parts called?

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