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What is a word to describe a baby elephant?

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Strong, fleshy, obese, cool, overweight, airship, bulky, embon point

How would you describe an elephant baby?

Baby elephants are called calves. At birth, he weighs about 250 pounds and is about 3 feet tall. Calves do not look good at first, but they can recognize their mother by touch, smell, and sound. The baby elephant stays close to his mother for the first few months.

What do you call a baby elephant?

Baby elephants are called calves.

What are the adjectives for elephants?

What are the adjectives for elephants? Elephant or related to elephants. Large-scale (not comparable) suffering from elephantiasis Synonyms: What are the adjectives for elephants? --WordHippo

What words do you use to describe the two elephant states?

What is the word for an elephant? -Quora. , I love elephants and are afraid of their future. Powerful, dignified, dignified, sensory, intelligent, sensitive, naughty, playful, emotional, conscious, strong, perceptual, resilient, intuitive It's compassionate, compassionate, intimidating, curious, noticeable, intentional, and complex. 2018 г.

What is a word to describe a baby elephant?

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