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What is an example of apocrine glands?

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Apocrine glands are found primarily in the areola of the breast, the anogenital area, and the axilla. Secretions occur when the release of secretory material is accompanied by a loss of part of the cytoplasm. an example of a true apocrine gland is the mammary gland involved in the production of breast milk.

What is an example of an apocrine sweat gland?

The apocrine glands of the skin and eyelids are sweat glands. Most apocrine glands on the skin are located in the armpits, groin, and area around the nipple of the breast. The apocrine glands of the skin are scented glands, and their secretions usually have an odor.

What are the two types of apocrine glands?

Modified apocrine glands include the ciliated glands of the eyelids. Earwax that produces earwax. The mammary glands produce milk. The rest of the body is covered with eccrine sweat glands.

What is an example of a holocrine gland?

Examples of holocrine glands include the sebaceous glands of the skin and the meibomian glands of the eyelids. The sebaceous gland is an example of a holocrine gland because the secretions (sebum) are released with the debris of dead cells.

Do the melocrine apocrine and holocrine glands give examples?

Exocrine glands are called apocrine, holocrine, or melocrine glands, based on how their products are secreted. .. Holocrine-The entire cell collapses and excretes the substance. For example, the sebaceous glands of the skin and nose, the meibomian glands, and the Zeiss glands.

What is an example of apocrine glands?

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