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What is main difference between male and female cockroach?

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The body of a male cockroach is smaller than that of a female.

Which of the following is the correct difference between male and female cockroaches?

"Which of these differences between male and female cockroaches (American cockroaches) is correct?" Male cockroach testes are longer than female cockroach ovaries. Male cockroaches have anal tail hair, and female cockroaches have an anal style.

How do you know the female cockroach?

The abdomen of a female cockroach is boat-shaped and dull. The wings of male cockroaches are large. The wings of a female cockroach are small. The antennae of male cockroaches are smaller than those of females.

Which cockroach is larger, male or female?

Female cockroaches are larger than male cockroaches. The wings of male cockroaches are large. It extends beyond the abdomen. The wings of female cockroaches are small.

What is main difference between male and female cockroach?

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How do cockroaches fly?

Do small cockroaches fly?

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