What is motion of ant?

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The movement of ants on the floor is an example of translational movement. The type of exercise in which all parts of the body travel the same distance within a specific time is known as translational exercise.

What is the type of movement of a swarm of ants moving in a row?

Therefore, an ant moving along a straight line is an example of linear motion.

What is the movement of ants on paper with sugar?

Description: Ants are more likely to be attracted to sugar, and soon more ants will crawl on the paper. .. After a few seconds, continue to mark the position as you move over the paper.

Why are ant movements considered random movements?

Answer: Two factors seem to influence the movement of ants. The first is called "persistence", which means that the ants do not turn around while there are no obstacles in the path. The second is "strengthening." This means that you are aware of areas you have visited before (based on the pheromone trail). 21окт. 2020г.

What is motion of ant?

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Where is the heart of an ant located?

How many feet is a ant?

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