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What is the best temperature to keep snails?

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Giant African Snail has a tropical climate, so it should be kept at 20-29 degrees Celsius (68-84 degrees Fahrenheit), but do not exceed this. If the tank is in a cold room, you can use a heat mat to maintain the temperature of the snail habitat. The 13th. 2018 г.

What is the temperature that is too cold for snails?

The most common garden snails, the brown garden snails, can withstand temperatures as low as -6.4 ° C (20.4 ° F) if they have time to "supercool" first. increase.

What temperature should I keep my snail?

Snails require a moist environment kept between 18-30 ° C (64-86 ° F), but they are generally 21-23 ° C (70-74 °). Works best during F). For most people, it's normal room temperature.

What is the best place to keep snails?

Snails like to hide in the dark, but some people like to sit near the lid, while others like to sit under the soil. It is good for snails to have many places to make them happy. We've added terracotta pots and sticks for mountaineering, but you can also add real plants, rocks, and twigs.

Do snails need heat?

Create a suitable climate. Snails need a warm and moist environment in addition to a well-ventilated tank. They work best at temperatures between 19-25 ° C (66-77 ° F), but are usually fine at slightly higher or lower temperatures.

What is the best temperature to keep snails?

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