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What is the cause of syndactyly?

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What causes syndactyly? During pregnancy, the baby's hands are in the shape of a paddle, which is later split into separate fingers. This happens very early, around the 6th to 8th week of pregnancy. If two or more fingers do not separate during this time, syndactyly occurs.

What is the cause of a webbed finger at birth?

Finger webbing, or finger bubbling, is not due to the fingers sticking together in the womb. Rather, it is caused by the failure of normal longitudinal interdigital necrosis, which usually separates the fingers, during the 6-8 weeks of intrauterine life.

What are the symptoms of syndactyly?

Symptoms. The main symptom of syndactyly is a webbed finger or toe. Conditions can range from a small webbing at the base of the finger to being joined by the underlying bone. Patients may also find that the affected fingers and toes do not move well.

Is it possible to cure with a finger?

The only way to correct syndactyly is by surgery. The timing of surgery depends on many different factors. If the thumb and index finger, or ring and little finger, have syndactyly, we strive to perform surgery early, often by the age of 6 months.

What is the cause of syndactyly?

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