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What is the circulation of haemolymph in cockroach?

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In cockroaches, the flow of blood and lymph is heart β†’ head hemocoil β†’ peri-visceral sinus β†’ pericardial sinus β†’ mouth β†’ heart.

Which is the blood circulation route of cockroaches?

Heart- & gt; Ostia- & gt; Pericardial sinus- & gt; Pericardial sinus- & gt; Head hemocoil.

What is a cockroach blood cave?

Blood from the peri-visceral sinus enters the pericardial sinus through the hole in the dorsal diaphragm and becomes dome-shaped, and blood from the pericardial sinus is pushed into the heart through the valve opening. After that, the heart and aorta contract around the anus.

Cockroach aorta?

Heart and Aorta: The cockroach's heart is an elongated, contractile, thin tube that lies along the dorsal centerline of the chest and abdomen just below the tergum. .. The heart is closed behind, but continues anteriorly as a short, thin tube with no small holes called the aorta.

Which of the following surrounds the heart in the pericardial sinus of a cockroach?

The pericardial sinus surrounds the heart. The peri-visceral sinus surrounds the internal organs. The perineural sinus surrounds the nerve cord.

What is the circulation of haemolymph in cockroach?

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