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What is the collective name of a group of Komodo dragons?

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A group of Komodo dragons is called a bank. Now you know your animal group!

What is a group of dragons?

The standard collective nouns for dragons are: Flying dragon. Dragon Weir; Dragon School; or Dragon Wings. The best answer I've found is that in Japan their proper generic name is "tatsu".

What do we call a group of lizards?

A group of lizards is called a lounge. Now you know your group of animals!

What is a good name for Komodo dragons?

VIRGINIA BEACH Arlo (character of the movie "The Good Dinosaur") Asher (miracle) Baja (armor) Bejo (lucky) Bisa (poison) Dasami (island near Komodo) Gili (island near Komodo) Guru (teacher) What name can you get a baby Komodo dragon? There are 10 choices.

What is the collective name of a group of Komodo dragons?

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