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What is the difference between Ganges and Indus river dolphins?

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Indus river dolphins are currently under threat of water detours for irrigation, population fragmentation by gated dams, and severe habitat loss due to bycatch in fishing nets. Ganges dolphins occur in India, Nepal and Bangladesh and are more abundant than adjacent subspecies. 5окт. 2020г.

What is the difference between the Ganges and dolphins?

However, this species is extinct from most of its initial distribution range. Dolphins on the Ganges can only live in freshwater and are essentially blind. They can emit ultrasonic waves to hunt, bounce off fish and other prey, and "see" the image in their minds.

Are there dolphins on the Indus River?

Indus river dolphins occur only in fresh water. They usually prefer shallow, muddy water, but can also be found in the main waterways of rivers and tributaries during flood seasons.

What is the name of an Indus river dolphin?

Common name. Indus river dolphin, boulan, blind river dolphin, indus river dolphin, side swimming dolphin. Plataniste de l'Indus (Fr); Delfín del Indo (Sp) Geographical location. Habita. Pakistan's Indus River system.

Why the Indus River Dolphins are Blind

Locally known as Boulan, it is found only on the Indus River. It is primarily 1,300 km (807 miles) long between northeastern and southern Pakistan. Mammals are blind because they do not have a crystalline lens.

What is the difference between Ganges and Indus river dolphins?

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Where do dolphins live in the Ganges River?

Are Indus and Ganges river dolphins blind?

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