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What is the etymology of the word giraffe?

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Old name of "Giraffe", late 14th century, Late Latin Camelopardalis, Latin Camelopardalis, Greek Camelopardalis "Camelpardalis",

Camelopardalis Why is there an E at the end of?

This kind of word is reminiscent of the ancient spellings of the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras of England. Words may be spelled by repeating the last letter once and adding an "e" at the end. 23 сент. 2020

What does the word giraffe mean?

: A very tall African animal with a very long neck and legs. See the complete definition of giraffe in the English Learner Dictionary. giraffe. noun. gi ・ raffe

What is the etymology of the word giraffe?

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