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What is the family structure of an elephant?

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The elephant family has a matriarchal head. That is, an elderly, experienced female elephant leads the herd. A family usually consists of a mother, sisters, daughters and babies (calves). Occasionally, unrelated elephants participate to form a family. A female family unit ranges from 3 to 25 elephants. 19th. 2013г.

What is the elephant family?

The elephant family includes two genera of modern elephants (Loxodonta and Elephas).

Do elephants live in their families?

All elephants are herds of animals with a very clear social structure. The herd is usually led by the patriarch, the oldest female, and consists of her daughter, sisters, and their descendants. Male elephants stay in the herd until puberty and move away as they grow older.

How many elephants do you have in your family?

African elephants are very social creatures and live in herds led by the patriarchs of older single women. In the savanna, the family unit consists of about 10 people. Families may come together to form a clan of up to 70 members. Male elephants, or bulls, usually live alone.

What is the family structure of an elephant?

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